San Francisco funk/rock/soul explosion, Con Brio, are dropping their new album, Paradise, on July 15th and the video for single “Free and Brave” is powerful AF. Directed by We Will Shoot You’s Frank Door, it’s an extravagant jaunt through Oakland that spells out Con Brio singer Ziek McCarter’s impassioned response to living in Oakland at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement, along with personal experiences that have shaped him.

The photography sessions from the video shoot is what we’re bringing you on this spread. Beautifully shot by San Francisco photographer Ally Legato, these images could easily stand up as a solo photographic exhibit. Note specifically the photo on the bottom left, titled “Girl With Gun,” which is a composite of multiple frames from the video. It conveys a number of stories and emotions through its many layers and is a fine example of what makes Legato’s work uniquely interpretive.

Hit up to watch the video in full and take a moment to soak in each of these photos. Peace.


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