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Black Panther 50th Anniversary Commemoration

Oakland Museum
Oscar Grant (City Hall)
Plaza Bobby Hutton Grove (DeFremery Park)

With three days of events—including a conference and a gala celebration dinner—the Black Panther 50th Anniversary Commemoration offers both a deep dive into Pantherism, and a chance to hob-nob with movement veterans and celebrities alike.

Held in three locations in Oakland (The Oakland Museum of California, “Oscar Grant Plaza” aka Frank Ogawa Plaza, and DeFremery Park aka Lil’ Bobby Hutton Park) between Oct. 20-23, this commemoration is as official as BPP50 events get. Tickets range from $35 for just the conference to $125 for the conference and gala, but then again, this an opportunity to experience living history, while being entertained by the likes of Kev Choice, Martin Luther, and Digital Underground – and possibly rubbing shoulders with Danny Glover. Coincidentally, OMCA recently opened “All Power to the People,” its own exhibit on the Black Panther experience, which should add to the experience, and is a must-see, even if you don’t attend the conference or the gala. Tickets are available at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/black-panther-party-50th-anniversary-tickets-25604896936; for more information on the conference, visit http:// www.bpp50th.com/conference-tickets-information/. For more information on the OMCA exhibit, visit here: http://museumca.org/exhibit/ all-power-people-black-panthers-50.

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