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Bribing local officials to assure one’s desired result is a long standing tradition in North America. From the Dutch taking the Island of Manhattan for a few baubles to having a monstrous music venue plopped down in the middle of SF’s Mission district without any local interference or planning rules, the paying off of local powers has a rich tradition in our land. However, Citizens United has changed the game from a small trickle to a giant river of cash that is swamping local municipalities.As the Atlantic pointed out in their July 2 2015 article “The Local consequences of Citizens United,” the companies can get far more bang for their bribing dollars with city officials than trying for a senator or a congressman.

Locally, we see how horrendous this influx of cash is when you consider that PG&E which initially had a 1.6 BILLION dollar fine for blowing up Brisbane and San Bruno recently saw that fine for criminal neglect slashed to a mere 6 million dollars. Huh? How did this happen? Well, you can bet your smart meter that many city officials and prosecutors suddenly are sipping umbrella drinks in Hawaii with that 1.594 billion dollar deduction! Cash rules our lands – not the people.

For us to remove money from the picture, we need to get out and vote – its the only way. So stop posting on facebook and complaining in your local coffee shop and get out and vote and vote against ANYTHING and ANYONE that allows this unrestricted wave of cash into the systemLocally, this means voting YES for Props 54 and 59 Let’s save our Democracy. Vote on Nov 8th (unless you’re voting for Trump then stay home)


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