The Indie Rock Darlings You Need to Know About


With the plethora of bands in the Bay Area, it can be overwhelming to sift through all the sounds to find the true gems. Thankfully, SF Sounds has taken a listen and have branded the following local groups as definitely ones to watch.

All-Your-SistersAll Your Sisters
Despite the name, there are neither sisters nor women in this band. Rather, All Your Sisters is Jordan Morrison (vocals, guitars, synth) and Mario Armando Ruiz (bass, synth), a duo creating a synth-punk/post-punk/goth rock/industrial/darkwave sound that is reminiscent of Depeche Mode on tracks like “Come Feel.” Their first album Modern Failures debuted in 2014. Now signed by The Flenser, their second LP, Uncomfortable Skin, is set for release on July 8.



“Like a new wave Eddie Haskel fronting a Hanna-Barbera punk band.” That’s how San Francisco/Oakland’s Circuits–Adam J. Widener (vocals and guitar), Bobby M. (vocals and synth), Arianna (vocals and bass) and John (drums)–describe their power pop sound. Their five song demo, recorded in Spring 2016 on cassette tape soon after the group formed, features jump-out-of-your-seat rock songs such as “Favorite Eyes.”


 Jay Som
Oakland’s Melina Duterte, a.k.a. Jay Som, wrote, produced, played, and recorded every sound (outside of a few background vocals) of her Polyvinyl Records debut, Everybody Works, in only three weeks of October 2016. Som’s sound is dreamy, soothing, “woozy,” skewing pop or rock depending on the song. According to Duterte, production inspiration for this album was an eclectic mix of Tame Impala, Yo La Tengo, Pixies, and singer Carly Rae Jepsen. Everybody Works drops March 10, which follows her self-recorded album, Turn Into.


Photo by Lumina Photography

Photo by Lumina Photography

Life Size Models
Life Size Models, a San Jose band formed in late 2013, consists of Chris Seymour (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Jon Sosa (vocals and lead guitar), Anthony Martos (vocals and bass), and Macks Edwards (vocals and percussion). The indie/alternative rock outfit is not afraid to admit that they are pop-oriented, creating a sound that is upbeat, catchy, and somewhat familiar (“State of Mind” seems to channel The Strokes). Their 2015 debut EP, Burden of Youth features five songs, and Life Size Models is currently working on a follow-up EP.

Oakland’s RAYS–Eva Hannan, Troy Hewitt, Stanley Martinez, and Alexa Pantalone–is the mosaic built from members of local bands The World, Life Stinks, Violent Change, & Dadfag. There is just as much variety to their sound: post-punk, ‘70s and ‘80s punk, Australian punk, and ‘80s and ‘90s New Zealand pop. It sounds like a lot of interlocking ideas and sources, but it all just translates to damn good music. Case in point: the track “Drop Dead.” RAYS’ debut LP of 11 songs, is out on Trouble in Mind Records March 31st.


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