Food & Drink: Bring on the Bayview


Note from the publisher: It has come to my attention that the article “Bring on the Bayview” published in SF Sounds was problematic in tone and intention.

The reason for writing the article was to help local businesses in the area and the people that live there. As the publisher and acting editor, I instructed the writer to be more gritty and funny. This was outside the writer’s writing style and resulted in the article that was published.

Unfortunately, the article was published without editing resulting in an outcome that was not intended. I apologize to the people that live in the Bayview area and promise to do better in the future. In doing so, SF Sounds will write more articles in the next year that shine a positive light on the community and the people that live there.


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  1. Thank you for the comments on the Bayview dining article. I picked up your newspaper for the first time, and was disappointed in this article. I appreciate the apology here, and will continue to look for your publication.

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