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At last, that time of year where Americans regardless of color, class, or political view, come together to celebrate the red, white and blue. America’s 241st birthday calls for good ol’ July 4th rituals – spending time with loved ones, drinking subpar American beer, and gazing at the unsafely executed fireworks from afar. Thankfully, San Francisco provides various locations that will amplify your patriotic celebration.

The City’s celebrations will commence early at Pier 39, featuring FREE live music by Tainted Love and WJM from 1:30pm until 8pm. Fireworks start shortly after sundown, with more than 10,000 fireworks planned to unleash near the Piers – executed from the boats located near Golden Gate Bridge, the folks at the Aquatic Park, as well as the Ferry Building.

Due to San Francisco’s shit-ton (a comprehensive measurement used worldwide) of tourists and residents, please plan accordingly and save yourself from the City’s parking and driving. To help you out, we’ve come up with both famous and stealthy locations accessible to you for a more holistic and fun experience.

DISCLAIMER: Karl the Fog may or may not crash the party for those interested in the Golden Gate Bridge’s fireworks, but don’t let this steer you away from celebrating the land of the free.

Level of Accessibility Scale:
Easy – pretty chill, no hill
Medium – eh, kinda chill, some hill.
Difficult – fuckin hill, still chill.

Ina Coolbrith Park

Vallejo & Taylor
Level of Accessibility: Difficult

If you are a sucker for views, then you would absolutely love to watch the show at Ina Coolbrith Park. Many forget the park’s ability to supply a semi-panoramic view of Alcatraz Island, Coit Tower, the Bay Bridge, and the dominant skyscrapers in Downtown – which is awesome because you don’t see tourists with fanny packs. You will also be able to perfectly see the fireworks launched near the Ferry Building. This park is a perfect match to gather your buddies, a blanket, and a cold one. The downside is that it sits atop a hill. Then again… welcome to San Francisco.

Photo courtesy of Nam Ing / Flickr

Photo courtesy of Nam Ing / Flickr

Crissy Field

1199 East Beach, Presidio
Level of Accessibility: Easy

Probably the most family friendly of the mentioned, Crissy Field is famous for San Franciscans to gather for the holiday. Crissy Field includes numerous picnic grounds that will compliment your arrangements of a day-party or family get-together. Its prime location kinda sorta really helps with the Fourth of July scenery, though I warn you – at night it will get cold. Make sure to have a blanket or a cuddle buddy of some sort to keep you warm at night … or at least a speaker to blast Honne’s “Warm on a Cold Night.” If your inner-weatherman-instincts detect an appearance by Karl the Fog, Fort Mason and the Aquatic Park are not too far of a walk from Crissy Field. Therefore, a change of location should not be too problematic.

Photo courtesy of CBS Local News

Photo courtesy of CBS Local News

Twin Peaks

100 Christmas Tree Point Rd
Level of Accessibility: Easy

Regardless the occasion, Twin Peaks is lit. Except, this time it will literally include litness beyond understanding. If Karl allows, Twin Peaks will include a panoramic view of many fiery showcases across the Bay whilst setting the mood for some summer lovin’. Again, regarding Karl, may the odds be with you.

Photo courtesy of Stephen Kelly / Flickr

Photo courtesy of Stephen Kelly / Flickr

Rincon Park/Pier 14

The Embarcadero & Folsom St
Level of Accessibility: Easy

Though Pier 14 is a no-alcohol zone *cries internally* this creates a phenomenal spot for families to watch the Bay Bridge glisten next to the Ferry Building’s fiery night. It offers much space for spots to sit, stand, or lie down near the waterfront. Known as the Pier with the best view of the city, you can’t go wrong with this decision.

Photo courtesy caseymac / Reddit

Photo courtesy caseymac / Reddit

Grandview Park

1705 14th Ave
Level of Accessibility: Medium

The most low-key of them all, behold the hidden gem – Grandview Park. For those familiar with the Mosaic Stairs on Moraga, the park situates itself right above it with usually a bearable amount of parking nearby (don’t quote me, shit happens). According to locals, Grandview Park on the Fourth of July proves itself worthy of a trip; moreover, you will meet one of the most interesting people with a 360 degree view of San Francisco from the Sunset District.

Photo courtesy SeattleFlyerGuy

Photo courtesy SeattleFlyerGuy

Take advantage of being in San Francisco for one of the most eventful national holidays in America; but remember to enjoy our holiday joyfully, and responsibly. Did we miss any of your favorite Fourth of July views? Comment below!



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